Soil Testing

Quantum Aggregates offer a soil testing service which is designed to satisfy all aspects of a development. We provide a comprehensive, cost effective service and our knowledgeable consultants will offer advice on:

  • Ground gas and groundwater monitoring
  • Risk assessments
  • Waste classification
  • Site remediation

Our service includes complete ground investigation, instrumentation and monitoring for any civil engineering or building project. Results can be supplied either as a factual or fully comprehensive report.

Each investigation will require field works to be conducted on-site. We can offer the following solutions:

  • Soil contamination testing
  • Conventional shell and auger drilling
  • De-mountable shell and auger drilling for restricted access sites
  • Continuous flight auger drilling
  • Window sampling and dynamic probing
  • Hand dug trial pits, foundation excavations and hand auger bores
  • JCB trial pitting
  • Field inspections, pre-acquisition studies and consultancy
  • Fresh concrete
  • Hardened concrete
  • Aggregate
  • Pile testing
  • Structural surveys

Please contact us or call 01883 33 11 88 for a free quotation.